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Eric:I did see the show two times.

I really enjoyed it for the following reasons:

1) I always love to see Shea Center showcased, as it truly has changed our daughter Maddie's life and believe, wholeheartedly, that more families need to learn about it.


2) I am very proud of Maddie and her progress. She is not only a wonderful embassador for Shea Center, but also serves as a tremendous example of what can happen when a person/people don't give up -- but continue to push through for their breakthrough. It has been said on several occasions by various doctors that Maddie is an absolute miracle --- that she in no way resembles the child that was born with the highly complex birth history.


3) I was pleased to see how well Maddie handled the interview and the microphone. She pushed past her fear and engaged with you in such a lovely way. The two of you had such great chemistry together.


4) It brought a smile to my face to see the other family interviewed in the second segment. I referred them to Shea within the past year.


Funny, on the same day last week I ran into another family at CCS Therapy that I had also referred to Shea. They were just beaming as well, as they had just been selected by Shea Center to do a riding demo in front of Shea's donors -- where they got to tell a bit of the life change that they have already seen in their daughter as a result of Shea Center. I find this to be very gratifying.


Having spent my career working in mid-level sales management for companies like Disney and Starbucks, I never dreamed that my life would turn out this way -- having a daughter with special needs that would require all of my time and attention. What I have found out along the way, however, is that this has brought the most meaning to my life -- much more than money or stature ever could have. I not only get to shepherd my child and fight for everything that she needs to succeed, but I also get to advocate for other children who do not have a voice. This is richly rewarding in its own way.


Anyway, Eric, all of this to say thank you for the incredible work that you do being a voice for South County. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for including Maddie in your journey.

We would love to see you again!

Sincerest regards!

--Debbie Fragner 

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